We repair and replace all garage door makes and models. We cover every component of the garage door from the motor to the door itself. When you need Garage Door service, please don’t hesitate to call.

Three Steps to an Easy Garage Door Repair

  1. Call us and let us know what is wrong.  780-885-5457

    We will provide you with an initial repair quote to fix your garage door or garage door component.

  2. Schedule a repair date.

    We can often come on the same day to make the repairs. We hold a lot of inventory for most models and you will appreciate our speed.

  3. Complete the install.

    We will come to your garage with all of the parts necessary to complete the work.  Once the work is completed we will assess your customer satisfaction and ensure you are completely satisfied with our work.

Come back to the website and leave a review.  The owner of the company will receive your feedback on the garage repair and really appreciates all feedback.

*It does not matter the extent of the damage, if there is a garage, we can repair the garage door. If your unit is not working properly we will assist you through the process to repairing it or claiming your warranty with the manufacturer.

*We also can repair your garage door opener. Our access to factory recommended parts is essential when it comes to a proper, safe repair. Not all parts are compatible with all systems, and when you start mixing things up — things can get messy. 

Whether it’s your door or your opener, you can trust Kangaroo Garage Door’s manufacturer certified repair team to do the job right and in a prompt manner.