Garage Door Openers

We offer a large selection of garage door openers in our inventory and we carry many reputable brands. Our professionally installed garage door openers come with service protection and warranty. Save time and money by having a professional install your opener and let us figure out what hardware you need. Selecting the right hardware for the job is just as important as choosing the right make and model for your particular needs.

The technology used for garage door openers has never been more user friendly. User friendly to operate — not to install. Modern systems allow you to use your smartphone’s technology to open your door from anywhere you have a signal. No more rushing home to open the door for your spouse, just simply pull out your phone and it’s like you’re 12 feet away. 

With technology changing so rapidly, it’s important to entrust a company that dedicates themselves to keeping up with all these changes. At Kangaroo Garage Doors, we continuously train and educate our staff to ensure all the latest technology is available to you. 

We carry all major brands of Garage Door Openers and we can install garage doors in all types and sizes.  Contact us for a free quote.